Blue Sky offers two types of services to individuals with varying intellectual and developmental disabilities. The first is a day habilitation program that focuses on Independent living skills. The second is our employment program that assists the consumer in successfully obtaining competitive employment.

Independent Living Skills Development

Our day program is a comprehensive program designed to meet the individual needs of each person served.

At Blue Sky, people are actively engaged in their community by volunteering, participating in recreational activities, and going on outings in our community that provide learning opportunities. We work on skills designed to increase independence.

Customized Employment Services

Our employment services are designed for individuals to discover employment interests and to become successfully employed. The program is catered specifically to each individual.

It is comprised of four parts: Career Planning, Job Development, Prevocational Services, and Supported Employment


Our Belief

All people are capable  of individual growth when challenged

All people are capable of earning respect when given the opportunity

All people deserve the opportunity for inclusion within their community

All people have a need to continually strive for improved quality of life

At Blue Sky we will serve the needs of the people inviting us into their lives first,

and the needs of our organization to be successful will follow